A Fracture of Time (2008)

A Fracture of Time

Client: The remembrance Commission/Monaghan C, C

Location: Main Street, Castleblayney County Monaghan

Materials: Limestone, Glass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Light

Brief: A Memorial to commerate Mr Patrick Mone in a representational form, and all those injured by the 1976 Bombing in Castleblayney in County Monaghan.


The fracturing of time is the title and theme developed for the memorial.
Clock parts were found in the debris of the blast, indicating a time bomb
Of some sort.
“Time stopped for Patrick Mone, a bicycle mechanic, on the 7th of March 1976 when a Clock detonated a huge explosion and tragically ended his life and injured many others.
Time, for all of us may have begun, when the eternally spinning, ‘Wheels and Cogs of the Galaxy and our Solar System were first set in motion”.
The limestone column is broken in half revealing a thick cast glass interior. This contains many twisted clock parts frozen in a chaotic play of light and colour, suggesting perhaps both the beginning and end of time.
A portrait of Patrick Mone floats within the nebulous swirling interior and a simple sundial at the top of the limestone further reflects the title and theme of the memorial.

© Remco DeFouw
A Fracture of Time