Eye Witness (2007)

Eye Witness

Client: Mayo County Council

Location: Ballanaratha, Ballina Co Mayo

Materials: Granite, Bronze, Stainless steel

Brief: Open

Dimensions: 2300cm


The context provided the inspiration for this commission.
On approach to Ballina, the N26 cuts rather severly through a hill, leaving the ‘Rath’ of Ballinaratha perched on one half, appearing as a rather forgotten clump of scraggly whitethorn an Hawthorn.
The Piece is placed on the other half of the hill across the road and faces toward the Rath, as if listening, or in communication with the Ancient and mysterious feature.
The pattern etched in the bronze is conceived to ‘reflect’ the tangled but strangely symmetrical patterns of branches and growth of the Rath and the bronze reflects light, particularly when the sun is out.

Eye Witness
Eye Witness