Nine Waves (2011)


Client: Pobalschoil Inbear Sceine

Location: Kenmare, Co Kerry

Materials: Glass, Copper, Stainless steel, Resin bonded aggregate

Brief: Artist feature and rejuvenation of the courtyard.


The development combines a former convent and new school building set around a courtyard. This was in need of rejuvenation.
I did a workshop with 5th yr Art students to produce written lines from the The starting point was the ‘Amergin,’ legend and the first landing of the Milesians in Ireland.
This is an ancient gaelic poem or incantation associated with the foundation of Kenmare town and the workshops were centered on producing hand righting which was enlarged and laser cut from large ‘wave forms’ of stainless steel. These refer to the 9 waves of the Amergin legend and are set into a blue and sand coloured resin bonded aggregate surface, I had a new window made of thick cast glass, and surrounding this is the copper patinated ‘Neidin’ or Nest, being the original name for Kenmare.
This brings new light, through the cast glass into the upper corridor .
The organic/chaotic nest structure juxtaposes the more formal architecture of the former convent and acts a s a new focal point for the courtyard.