Under Eta Aquarids (2011)

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Under Eta Aquarids

Client: Commissioned by Eigse Carlow

Location: ‘Constellations’ VISUAL Carlow

Materials: Home made photographic paper/process

Brief: On the theme of Constellations

Dimensions: 7 Photograms each 300mm x 1250mm unframed


Eta Aquarids is the name of a meteor shower that appears to come from the water jug of the Aquarius constellation during the first week of May.

This series of 5 prints were made in the river at Borris House Co Carlow over three nights during this time.

This series of unique ‘Photograms’ are made without a camera directly from below the surface of the river in ‘the great Darkroom’ that is night time, in Co Carlow.